Attack in Park

Flushing, N.Y. – A man was arrested Friday after allegedly raping a woman at knifepoint and sexually assaulting another at popular Kissena Park in Flushing, Queens.

The first victim, a 54 year old woman, was taken to a wooded area of the park and raped around 11:00 p.m. Wednesday night. The victim was also robbed.

Approximately a half hour later, a 17 year old female jogger was threatened with a knife and forced to perform a sex act.

The attacks took place near Main Street and 56th Avenue, in an area known as the Kissena Park Corridor.

On Friday, police noticed a man drinking from a water fountain in the park who matched the first victim’s description of her attacker. Police arrested the 30 year old man but have not yet released his name. Charges are pending.

By Patti Neda


New York’s Most Diverse Borough

Flushing, N.Y. – There’s no place quite like Flushing, Queens. You can dine on any type of cuisine, listen to any type of music, walk through the streets of any ethnic enclave of your choosing or visit a church, temple or mosque of any of the world’s religions.

Having grown up in The Bronx, New York, I was aware of Flushing since I was a young girl. I travelled by Q44 bus from the Bronx to Flushing with a few girlfriends when I was 14. We were on a mission to get our ears pierced, and we decided Flushing was the place for it. We stopped at Main Street, lined with clothing and jewelry boutiques – and oh, the bargains! Main Street is still lined with all sorts of boutiques and bargains, but is presently also dotted with every type of eatery imaginable from every corner of the world, and fresh produce, fruit and health markets, galore!

Nowadays, I appreciate Flushing’s varied residents’ ability to coexist peaceably together in a way I’ve never seen in any other community. Flushing is predominantly Asian, but there are pockets of Southeast Asian including Hindu and Sikh, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Caucasian and Muslims enjoying all the area has to offer, including cosmopolitan high-rise apartments and condominium housing or estate-like homes with front and backyards and quaint sitting porches.

Flushing has captured my heart. If you live in New York City and are looking for something to do, or you’re visiting from someplace else, try checking out Flushing. You’ll be glad you did. And it just might capture your heart, too.

By Patti Neda

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