NY offers free health care with unveiling of ‘Care Card’ Aug 1 in The Bronx

Bronx, NY – Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today all New Yorkers will have “guaranteed healthcare” beginning August 1.

De Blasio introduced the New York Care Card to a cheering crowd and guaranteed that all uninsured New Yorkers will have free health care.

The mayor says some people are not visiting doctors when they should because “they think it is too expensive.” He stated, “Healthcare is a human right. You think about this country’s tens of millions of people, and how wrong that is, that health care is being decided by the zip code that people live in or how much money is in their wallet. Health care is a human right. It’s as simple as that. It’s a simple right. It’s a universal right.”

The mayor said the NY Care Card is about being “bold” and is a rejection of the “status quo.”

The card, to be distributed to New Yorkers who currently have no health insurance, will be handed out beginning August 1 in The Bronx. It will allow individuals and their family members to obtain a primary care doctor and be seen without walking into emergency rooms.


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