Long Island City group to donate beauty bags to local moms in need on Mother’s Day

Long Island City, N.Y. – A group founded by two moms in Long Island City has plans to make Mother’s Day special for families currently living in local homeless shelters.

Super Community LIC, started by Julz Donald, began three years ago with the help of Marjorie Phillips, both Long Island City residents. “I teamed up with a mom in Long Island City here because we were like ‘this is an amazing place to live’ and we really love our community and what we wanted to do was to celebrate the community but also facilitate ways to give back,” Donald said. “We knew there were a lot of people here with lots of resources – money and time – to give but not always being able to give because it’s not facilitated for them.”

Phillips left a previous job in the city and partnered with The Floating Hospital, a non-profit organization which provides healthcare services to underserved communities. The caring duo began donating baby items and toiletries to local families. Each month, Donald and Phillips collect needed items and transport them to The Floating Hospital’s headquarters at 41-43 Crescent Street. Staff then donates the items to local homeless shelters.

The group began filling ‘beauty bags’ last year with items and toiletries for Mother’s Day. They wanted to assemble 100 bags but surpassed that goal and ultimately created 450 beauty bags for women in domestic violence shelters.

“It’s awesome,” Phillips said. “I’ve lived here for nearly seven years now and there’s something very special about this community in that everybody bands together when anyone has an issue.”

Children in family shelters are also given beauty bags to give to their mothers as gifts for Mother’s Day.

To collect money for the beauty items, Donald is hosting a number of events this year. A Bingo Night was recently held from which $1,200 was collected. The group gave $1,000 directly to The Floating Hospital and put $200 toward items for the beauty bags.

A Trivia Night at Woodbines Restaurant, 47-10 Vernon Boulevard, LIC, is to be held on March 22 at 8 p.m. to raise money for the bags. The cost to enter is $20. There will be food and drink specials plus prizes for all participants.

Hudson & Bleecker, a local shop that sells makeup and travel bags, will donate bags for the event again this year.

The bags are typically filled with shampoo, conditioner, makeup, jewelry, nail polish and other beauty items. “Well all know what a lipstick can do and how it can make you feel,” Donald said.

Donald will also be collecting donations at 47-20 Center Boulevard, Apt. 416 and Phillips will collect items at 155 Borden Avenue, Apt. 19J.

The beauty bags will be assembled by volunteers on May 6 at The Loft LIC, a restaurant located at 2-03 Borden Avenue in LIC. The restaurant is also hosting Super Community Volunteer Day. Children are welcome to the event.

For more information, visit the group’s Facebook page at http://www.Facebook.com/Supercommunitylic.


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